Friday, June 8, 2012

I am Waiting

and the book is writing itself.  A complete intact Harley Davidson Motorcycle still in its crate was washed ashore on a beach in Alaska.  Just this week an entire dock weighing tons and over 65 feet long was washed ashore on Agate Beach on the Oregon Coast.  What has scientists worried is the amount of sea life attached to this dock, crabs and starfish that don't live in these waters, a different species of sea plant life and they don't know what else.  It is all being investigated.  Off the shores of San Diego the fabled Blue Fin Tuna, that wonderful creature weighing in at over 600 pounds and sold by the quarter ounce in fine Japanese sushi bars at more than the price of gold are now being caught.  It is the season.  They were in Japan during the tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown, feeding in the warm Japanese current.  Then they cross the mighty Pacific Ocean to feast on the Ocean Offerings in the water off the California coast.
   I have included a really HOT graph, illustration, so you can get an idea of what they are swimming through!

Excerpt from book:

             Ruby had a Geiger counter and no one got on their boat without first being checked out.
             "I am safe, Ruby, I haven't even been anywhere!"  I said as she was swishing the wand up and down
             like a metal detector at the airport.  Everybody was scouring the ocean beaches for debris and those
             who had boats would go past the breakers into calmer seas and drift for flotsam, like seining for
             salmon.  It was dangerous work and some died doing it.  A few would get lost at sea or their small craft would crash into a loading dock or some other obstruction and they would go down essentially becoming crab bait.  What killed a lot of them was the radiation, unknown waves from a known source would get into them and eat them from the inside out.  A big dose would kill you within four months and no amount of iodine would save you.  A present from Japan.
          "You're Hot," Ruby said as she paused the humming machine in the middle of my back.
"I think you are hot too Ruby, but Edwin is my friend, and besides, he is on deck", I couldn't help but laugh.
"No, you are really hot, get your clothes off now and into the burn barrel on the dock.  Go to the shower now or there won't be much help for you.  You are registering a seven on this scale and that is pretty serious."
   For the first time in my life I was glad I wasn't a "10"!

The Blue Fin Tuna caught off the shores of California registered 600 times the normal amount of radiation.
I wonder why any amount is normal at all?  What agencies keep raising the safe limits?  What is radioactive that they are not telling us about?  How is the heck did I become a "seven"?  What did Becky have to do with all of this?